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MWA Barak Scholarships Program
Upload Date: 20 - June - 2023

MWA Barak Scholarships Program 



Donor      :     Barak Welfare Association Karachi (Haji Jahanzeb Khan Burki) 

 Duration    :       April 17th 2020 ….. In progress

Beneficiaries       :         718  Students (Primary & Secondary School level)

Location:                      Province of Sindh &  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

Status:                           In Progress

Project Intervention:

The inhabitants of tribal district south waziristan have been suffering for the past four decades due poverty, illiteracy and lack of peace.  The scenario entirely changed with the huge influx of foreigners from neighboring country Afghanistan after 9/11 US invasion in Afghanistan. The people of Tribal belt started migration to settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other provinces of Pakistan. As the militancy increased, Govt. launched military operations to eradicate the insurgency, militancy from the area and restore peace. The military operations against militants in bordering areas caused collateral damage and on large scale displacement of local population from district south waziristan. These internally displaced people migrated to various parts of the country, majority of them settled in Karachi. They not only lost their houses properties and other household items but the worst was loss of education of their children. Most of the children were forced to go child labour due to weak financial background.

MWA  officials visited various areas of Karachi Sindha, arranged gathering of local tribal elders and business community to work for the well being of deprived community in Karachi who have temporarily migrated their families here from Waziristan. As a prime object of MWA, it decided to educate the children who have lost their schools and to enroll out of school children in various private schools under sponsorship of MWA.  A reputed businessman and philanthropist Haji Jahanzeb Khan Burki wholeheartedly supported this project and till date he supports MWA through Barak Welfare Foundation.

Control mechanism

Scholarships Forms are issued to various areas based on the population of IDPs, accessibility and availability of private educational institutions in the area. Applications are called from students, screened by welfare committee, proper academic test and interviews are conducted and granted scholarships as per SOPs.  Fee of the students is directly credited to Bank Account of the respective school on half yearly basis of the academic year. Student progress reports are collected from the respective heads of institutions about academic performance and growth of the students.