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MWA Al_Masood Scholarships Program
Upload Date: 20 - June - 2023

WA Al-Masood Scholarships Program

for Computer & IT Diplomas


Students will be provided with the resources needed to learn computer applications and IT skills and to learn professional use of various computer applications. Students will learn Microsoft Office applications, graphics designing, web development, computer networking, Network security and SEO and digital marketing needed for success in their core subject areas and their professional career.

Course duration                :               24 Weeks   (06 months)

Class Duration                   :               2 ½ Hours daily    (6 days per week)

Scholarships                       :               20 Scholarships for Karachi region.

                                                                20 Scholarships for District Tank.

Career Counselling          :               Seminars at school level in Karachi, Tank & Waziristan

Supported by                     :               Al-Masood Group of Companies Karachi/ Islamabad

                                                                Haji Saeed Khan Mahsud &  Ayaz Khan Mahsud


Introduction of the Program


In today’s world, learning a computer has become vital part of our lives. Computer machines have reduced the dependency on human workforce, manual errors and delays in various activities. This machine has turned the world into a global village, where one can exchange information fast, reliable and can update the activities in real time. Computers have facilitated automation of various activities at homes, offices, even at cyber space, Educational institutions, health facilities, Banks, Stock Exchange, civic management, agriculture and forests. The businesses from micro to macro level have developed computer system based on artificial intelligence and IT to manage various activities.


The modern computer science has great impact over the traditional learning system in our educational institutions. Students need to learn computer application associated with their core subjects. Unfortunately, the students of Waziristan have less opportunities to learn computer science and practical exposure to various technologies. Even most of them can’t afford to complete their higher studies. MWA has always motivated and guided students in right direction to make them equipped with latest IT technologies and empower them to earn their livelihood within the available resources.


This project is basically to educate our school and college level students with Computer programs, IT and English language skills. Being able to work on various computer applications opens you to the global job market by virtually offering your services as data entry operator, virtual assistant, computer programmer, graphic designers, digital advertiser and marketer. This way MWA helps our community to improve quality of life.




The aim of this course is to develop IT Skills of the students and equip them with latest computer applications and communication skills.

  1. Students will learn the appropriate use of Computer applications
  2. Students will learn Typing / Writing letters, memos and functional documentation.
  3. Students will learn composing books, magazines, newspapers
  4. Students will learn the use of spreadsheets with various statistical analytical tools
  5. Students will learn graphical presentation of data and Databases.
  6. Students will learn composing and graphic designing of various posters, brochures and banners.
  7. Students will learn the basics of computer languages and web designing with use Of Outlook.
  8. Students will learn Computer Networking and network security protocols
  9. Students will learn E-Commerce and use of various available E-Com platforms
  10. Students will learn Search Engine optimization and commercial use of SM platforms.
  11. They will be able to showcase their services, products at various E-Commerce platforms for business




Computer Courses :      ICT


  1. Computer orientation with basic knowledge of Computer Hardware.
  2. Windows with Ms. Word
  3. Excel – Spread sheets with advance formulas
  4. PowerPoint – Presentations
  5. Access – Basics of Computer DataBase
  6. Outlook with use of professional emails (Correspondence)
  7. Inpage with Core-Draw
  8. Graphic Designing : Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator for video editing.
  9. Computer networking & Network Security Specialist


Course Duration and control mechanism.      

  • The course will be completed in 6 months
  • Attendance of the students shouldn’t be less than 80%
  • Test will be conducted by end of 3 months and final exam by end of 6 months.
  • Only the successful candidates with 80% attendance will be granted certificates.



Project Financial Support :                

We are thankful to Al-Masood Group of Companies Karachi / Islamabad’s owners Haji Saeed Khan Saheb and Sir Ayaz Khan Mahsud for their valuable financial support. They have always been very generous in supporting MWA’s educational projects for the past few years. Mr. Ayaz Khan will be part of the supervisor group to oversee the progress of this project in both regions.